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Robin Thornton is a UK qualified Chartered Financial planner and has been helping expats in the offshore market for over 10 years with all aspects of financial and investment planning. He liaises and connects with service providers to ensure the client is first and foremost, such as Trustee, Life & Investment companies. A financial advisor working for you! He manages client funds in excess of $40 m but with a common sense, de-mystifying approach to financial services. We take the time to listen ( and sometimes challenge) your needs, objectives and current plans for the clients ultimate benefit.


A Proven Approach

We start by clarifying our fee structure and explaining the different ways we can help with, for example, your retirement planning.Then we analyse your goals and compare them to your current portfolio. We challenge where necessary and perhaps provide alternatives or options.Then we recommend a strategy designed to meet your needs & risk tolerance. Finally we agree on the level of service & support you need, this is usually provide on line with 6 monthly detailed reviews when we update your "road map" to see where you are with your financial and investment planning


Why Us?

Robin works within a global network of support, providing consultancy to HNW's and clients of all shapes and sizes, just like life, for every eventuality! He is able to provide a bridge between client & providers such as Life companies or Investment platforms. Truly working on behalf of his client, all instructions are confirmed in writing, as are all fees, reports and other items. Robin provides advice with integrity & professionalism. The products & services we advise on are fully licenced in the country of residence of the client.You can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance.

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Our services


We assist clients with bespoke financial planning, this may include a full "lifetime" analysis or specific planing such as retirement planning, estate or education funding.

Some common areas and services are ;

  1. UK pension transfers & consolidation into European or UK schemes
  2. Estate planning for UK domiciles and non domicile property owners
  3. Education planning
  4. Family protection
  5. UK property investments
  6. State pension provision & NIC
  7. Tax advice and planning
  8. Lump sum investing 


Events happen, be prepared !

We support a number of local and international events on a regular basis Speaking on Financial and Investment planning. Robin is an experienced speaker and regularly is invited to speak at Golf Clubs, Societies and other groups on everything from estate planning, retirement planning to foreign exchange. Contact us if you would like us to support your event with a qualified financial advisor.


Financial planning takes time to plan

 Robin is a detailed oriented manager who invested considerable time and effort in actively listening and understanding what my specific needs were versus 'selling' me his services.   As a service provider myself I found it refreshing to meet and do business with someone with such integrity and professionalism. Robin is someone I would would gladly recommend without hesitation.  Here are a list of testimonials, in truth we are not great about promoting "on line" and prefer personal referrals from happy long term clients who genuinely appreciate our service.

 Robin exemplified every aspect of professionalism and superior client service. Since we established first contact, he continuously delivered on all promises and always ensured maximum transparency and dedication. I highly recommend Robin to any firm or individual looking to build sound customer relationships and grow value. Mo Ibrahim

 Robin has handled our requests always with great professionalism.Is always in time, flexible and most important not pushing. We are comfortable with having Robin as our financial adviser and would recommend him to anyone.  Marloes Van Der Velden

Robin is my new financial adviser. His high level of expertise and professionalism have given me a good sense of comfort and trust.His decision making is always in the best interest of his Clients an din a very clear and simple approach. I highly recommend Robin. Karim Haddad

 Robin is a detailed oriented manager who invested considerable time and effort in actively listening and understanding what my specific needs were versus 'selling' me his services.   As a service provider myself I found it refreshing to meet and do business with someone with such integrity and professionalism. Robin is someone I would would gladly recommend without hesitation.  Robert Jeans

Currently ......


The big topic is the B word as writing, we are all fed up with it but a large number of expats ( and locals who have worked in the UK) are considering moving their pension and centre of financial planning away from the UK. We are constantly asked of the potential effects or risks. The one risk we all have is dying or retiring without enough money in the bank to fund our retirement, those are the certainties we can control, we can not control Brexit !

What's happening


Check out my blog for interesting news & views that shapes the way we live, earn & spend.



Financial services can be complicated and confusing especially cross border, so this is not an exhaustive list but contact us if your question is not here, we don't bite !

What are your fees ?

We are paid commission from the providers or agree an initial fee with the client, our fees long term are 1% of the assets value. 

Do you put everything in writing ?

Yes, including all charges even if not explicit.

Do you advise on Defined Benefit transfers?

Yes, but FCA guidance means we have to engage a UK Pension Transfer Specialist for Schemes over £30,000 for an independent report.

Do you advise on Foreign currency transfers?

Yes we can advise but will introduce you to a suitable FCA registered firms to transfer the funds.

Do we pay you directly?

Not normally, unless its a specific project, we are paid from the providers either commission or an agreed initial fee.

I have heard you can take 25% tax free from UK pensions after I am 55

Correct but check your country of residence for tax, Spain for example taxes this as income.

Where are the most popular juridstictions?

Malta & Gibraltar, with some Isle of Man.

Is't Malta a money laundering island?

No, its part of the EU and also recently introduced very strict measures for investing in pensions in Malta.

Robin's background & experience


Robin Thornton, Chartered MSCI

Robin began is career in the Middle East over 10 years ago as a financial advisor before focusing on cross border European advice on financial and investment planning. He is level 4 qualified and currently studying his CFP Level 6 qualification with the CISI in the the UK. In his 50's he has considerable experience with all clients and mixed nationalities due to his offshore experience. He is a qualified Paraplanner and holds the diploma in Investment Advice. Robin believes in constant learning, he has passed 35 hours of continuous professional development (CPD)for the previous 5 years.

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